Informap Tracking System For Vehicles

Informap is one of the leading companies of UAE which is providing and securing your vehicles with a most advanced GPS tracking system. The Informap company is providing GPS tracking system which includes temperature sensors, RFID card and RFID reader with biometric access control and door sensors etc.

It is very easy to use a tracking system with higher performance and complete satisfaction.

Different solutions of secure tracking systemThe secured tracking system by Informap includes different solutions to protect your vehicles.

  • Multi-driver:

It may be very difficult for some of the GPS tracking systems to know whether your car is in your own hands or is driving by any thief. The Informap company has a solution for this. The Multi-driver can be identified with I-button reader and RFID technology. A driver can tap his I button key fob on the board to confirm that the vehicle is in safe hands. All the drivers owned I button fob key for solving this problem. The reader button transmits the passenger or driver’s ID which saves your vehicle. The I button key is durable, small and easy to attach to the fob. After tapping an I-button on the reader the LED light confirms that the driver or passenger is authentic.

  • Multi-driver RFID card:

If you are allowing anyone else to drive your car then you must go for this solution. RFID reader can be pre-loaded with the RFID reader and connected to ignition kill system. The only authorized driver can turn-on the ignition. This is the best way to manage the control of your vehicle.

  • Multi-driver biometric system:

You can also have a biometric system for the multiple drivers using one car. It eliminates the need for a card which may be broken or damage. The system works with your fingerprints if you want to drive the vehicle. You can register multiple fingerprints for a vehicle for multi driving.

  • Monitoring temperature:

Tracking system for vehiclesInformap tracking system has also a GPS tracking system that can monitor the change in weather. It is connected to industry-grade temperature sensors in the cooling unit. If your vehicle’s cooling compartment is long you can have 2 sensors to measure the temperature in the below or middle of the compartment. The sensors are attached to the Email and or SMS alerts to notify you when the temperature varies from the set temperature.

  • Tractor Trailer Tracking:

A GPS Tracking Unit is installed in the tractor and specialized ID tag installed in the trailer can be a good idea to protect your vehicle.

There are a lot more security systems and GPA tracking systems are provided by Informap. They are also providing GPS tracking for cars, bike and for buses.

When it comes to best vehicle tracking system UAE – Informap has all the solutions for your vehicles.