New To Yacht Charters? Here’s A Useful Rundown

Dubai Yacht Cruise

As yachts become an excellent alternative to the same old routine vacations and trips, more and more people are ditching long plane trips for this luxurious and extremely comfortable vacation dream.

Think about it. The choice speaks for itself when you have to compare with booking plane tickets, enduring a long and uncomfortable flight, go through customs and more, and spend a whole day recovering from the jetlag, with managing transport to your vessel, and letting the cabin crew handle everything else from there.

Once on the vessel, all you have to do is enjoy the facilities on board, tell the chef what you would like to eat, and sit back and relax while the captain steers the ship.

Travel time is a breeze with all the space on the cabin, the ability to sleep in private rooms, and great food you can expect only at five star restaurants.

But what if you have never gone through the process before, and want to know how and where to start. Well, we have compiled this useful guide just for you. When you book a Dubai luxury yacht - Daydream, just give this a read, and you’ll be on your way.

Best Choices For First Timers

UAE Yacht Cruise

When you are thinking of chartering a yacht for the first time, the safest and easily enjoyed choice is a small yacht, preferably one around a hundred feet.

As someone new to the scene, this way you will be able to make sure you get the best value for money, enjoy all the facilities on board, and get a true and real feel of what all the hype is all about.

Most yachts coming in at hundred feet have about three to four rooms, giving you the space and privacy you need as well.

This is certainly the case when you are travelling as a couple, and want to maximize sightseeing opportunities and privacy. On the other hand, if you are travelling with your kids, and in the case that you have more than two with you, splurging for a bigger vessel may be more fruitful.

The bigger boats will have a lot more space, both, in the cabin and on the deck, and come with amazing water sports and toys options your kids will enjoy.

These vessels are also more likely to have at least one big pool on the deck, and Jacuzzis, all of which are bound to keep them engaged throughout the trip, giving you the chance to enjoy your food and time together.

Gourmet Charters

Compared to planning an expensive vacation, a key advantage with yacht charters is also the fine dining experience. Many yachts have extremely qualified private chefs on board, which means you can request almost any exquisite meal, all prepared fresh and delicious.

Many of these yachts also have their own liquor collection, all exclusively available to you.