Tips for enjoying a great motocross tour in Dubai

If you’re in Dubai and haven’t gone for a motocross tour yet, you certainly have not cashed it properly.

When a group of excited people decide to go off-road to drive, race and challenge each other on dirt bikes for a day or a week or more, this crazy plan is usually termed as motocross tour. In Dubai, it starts at the concrete bank of the Arabian Desert with the machines that power you up to swoosh past the sand mounds and to groove on adrenaline.

Motocross tours in Dubai are only for people who are courageous, mentally strong, have the guts to go beyond the rules with their own techniques and can accept challenges.

However, there are a few things you might want to learn as a beginner dirt bike rider in the enchanted deserts of Dubai.

Tips for Motocross Tours in Dubai

Choose the Suitable Bike

Motocross Tour in DubaiMotorbike rentals in Dubai usually offer you something from their diverse fleet variety but if you’re going for a dirt bike tour, don’t go for the beauty of the machine but for the suitability. Many of the bikes at rentals have different worn out parts which are comfortable for some and uncomfortable for others. A least try a couple of bikes before you choose the one that gives you perfect vibes.

Understand Good Riding Positions

Your posture and riding position is the first essential thing to take the complete control of the bike. Your position identifies how your tour goes by helping you with bike movements, turns, acceleration and brakes. Check twice before you choose your bike to make it sure that you can stand and sit properly and comfortably without pulling up the bars.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, the best way is to attend some training sessions because I understand how crazy bike rides are and how badly you want to try it. But as they say, precaution is better than cure.

Understand the Posture

Endurobikes DubaiUnderstanding your body is an important factor in driving a dirt bike during the motocross tours because it helps you figure out the positions you will enjoy more in. Some people like drive standing because it enables them to take control and they are able to take on obstacles with their flexing body with the bike. However, some people like to drive sitting in a better position. However, obstacles such as high jumps are genuinely easy to deal with when you are standing. Although, it is not advised to either keep sitting or keep standing during your drive. Just figure out or ask your trainer about when to stand and when to sit to cash the experience to the maximum.

Grip the Throttle Properly

To take full control of the situation during the motocross tours, it is usually advised to adjust your hands on the throttle so that you can reach your clutch lever with your index and middle finger only and you keep rest of your hand on the grip.