Window Tinting Rules And Mr. Cars Services

Legal limit car tinting in DubaiThe auto tinting alqouz - Mr. Cars UAE is also providing best services in UAE for the vehicles. The services included Car window tinting, paint and polish services, dent and maintenance services and other car related services by the professionals. The professional services of car tinting are one of the most popular services of Mr. cars. The car tinting services by the Mr. Cars cannot only help you in the protection of the vehicle from the harmful rays but can also increase the stylish looks of your vehicle.

The Alquoz tinting is also available at the Mr. Cars which allow the clear car view and also protect the vehicle from dangerous UV rays.

It is very important to note that there are some rules and regulations for having the window car tinting services in UAE.

Rules Of Car Tinting In UAE:

  • The Legal limit of car tinting:

The federal traffic law has made a law for the car tinting in UAE which does not allow the user to exceed the car tinting above the limit. The Federal law allows the owners of vehicles to only have 50% of tinted windows. This limit is also applicable on the back and side windows. The windshield should also be clear according to the federal law and limits for the Car window tinting.

  • Overall tint shade limit:

You must also remember that the overall visual light transmission should not exceed from the 50% even after the car is straightly coming from the showroom. The best you can do is to have a 30% car tinting service overall (factory+ custom tint) to avoid the challan by the cops later.

  • Fee for violating rules:

Fee for violating rulesThe cops can challan you for exceeding the window tinting limit. The vehicles with more than 50% VLT can be charged 500 AD and the cops have also the authority to take your vehicles with them.

  • Special Permission:

In case you are suffering from severe medical issues and want to exceed the car tinting limit above 30%, you are allowed have a special permission from the Dubai police and RTA.

  • Car tint and Belonging issue:

The Dubai does not allow a driver to have a window tint service if the vehicle is not registered under his name. It is important for the person to have a registration under his name for the auto car tinting services. If the driver still wants to have a car tinting service to prevent the car from getting heat rays they can have the alqouz tinting services from Mr. Cars.

The tinting services of the Mr. Cars can be hired by visiting the outlet with the vehicle you want to have tinted. The professionals only need maximum 90 minutes to tint your car windows. The rates of the Mr. cars are also very affordable and pocket friendly.