Convenient Rent A Car Options For All Customers

Service rent carsThe requirement for one’s own car and the convenience that brings with itself is undeniable. It gives you the option of leaving the home or office or travelling back at any time, and takes you a step closer to being the master of your own fate. Not to mention the time it saves compared to walking or taking public transport.

Especially in a city like Dubai, where the roads are wide and smooth, and the general convenience measures for car drivers are many, it provides an excellent way to get around the city to take you wherever you want to go.

Unfortunately there are number of circumstances where even when those who consider their own vehicle to be the best option for transport, cannot afford to buy one. This is made easier by the fact that most places now have car rental and car leasing options, so people can make use of a daily fare or a down payment plus regular payments option, for a wallet-friendly arrangement, that gives them the option to pay for when they use the car, and nothing more.

Seeing all these benefits, Jawaher Car Rental provides one of the most safe and reliable car rental and leasing options in the Car Rental sector in Dubai.

Jawaher Rent A Car

Rent Nissan carOur range of Rent A Car vehicles gives you not only the maximum possible convenience, but comes with a number of added advantages that are sometimes crucial for renting arrangements. All of our vehicles are fully insured for example, to cover unfortunate circumstances if they need arise.

Along with this, we also take care of the maintenance aspect of rented cars, so you can take advantage of only the best things your own car will offer, and forget about the worries of upkeep. Part of this customer-oriented arrangement is that we have our own workshop for repairs and other vehicle needs, allowing you to take full advantage of our after sales assistance.



Rent car serviceWe provide a number of luxury and basic cars from major makers that guarantee reliability and a pleasurable drive:

  • Honda (Civic, Accord)
  • Toyota (Corolla, Camry, Yaris, Inova)
  • Nissan (Tida, Sunny)

Gone are the days where when in a different country than your own, you would have to keep paying taxis an exorbitant fare again and again depending on the number of trips and places you visit, or get in line for the metro tickets and figure out fares and card types for the cheapest possible travelling arrangement. Now all you need to do is get in touch with us, make the necessary payments and fill documentation, and you will have a comfortable vehicle, right at your disposal when you want it to be.