History And Vehicle Types Offered

Rental service carJawaher Rent a Car (JRC) joined the rent-a-car trade back in 1998, looking to combine quality services to all kinds of customers, with competitive pricing options.

Alongside a range of vehicles, we also offer chauffer driven vehicles for a convenient and safe alternative to driving yourself, which is also protected by insurance.

Dubai RTA rules made a few changes to the regime governing public transportation in the year 2000, which stipulated that different licenses be required for cars and buses on rent. That is when Jawaher started to offer buses on rent, offering a range of bus types and sizes in the UAE.

In the present day, JRC and our transport offerings under the Bus Rental program give customers the advantage of a round the clock service catering to the rent and leasing of different types of vehicles, including buses, cars, pick-ups, and even others, based on customer requests.


JRC currently has 110 employees working for it in the UAE, all of whom are fluent in the Arabic and English languages.


Leasing in DubaiLeasing is a way to pay for the use of a car or any vehicle involved over a period of usually several months. This is slightly different from renting a car, in the sense that leasing is typically more permanent in nature, with a period of 12 months as a standard.

A lease contract usually provides for the lessee to promptly pay the monthly agreed upon amount and take reasonable care of the car. When the agreed upon lease period ends, the user can chose to either return the vehicle, or continue making payments to be able to eventually fully own the vehicle.

Jawaher also provides the service of leasing for a number of vehicles, including cars, buses, pick-ups, and other commercial use transport.

When the lessee and our company have come to agree on a vehicle, the lease period, and its price or installments, that is when the lease contract will be signed, and this will attract the payment of three months installments as a deposit amount. Our company will buy a new vehicle matching the make and model requirements specified, and provide it to the lessee as early as possible.


At JRC, we aim to deliver a convenient solution for several transportation needs, along with the very attractive leasing mode of payment, and ensuring consistent expansion to correspond with customer needs.

We can also assist those looking for transport solutions through the following:

  • Recommend a feasible solution for transport requirements
  • Assist your company with existing vehicles at our disposal
  • Handle transport needs for your company for a period of three years or more.
  • Recommend cost savvy solutions.


JRC has a total of 109 buses and 50 vehicles that can be used for renting purposes. Alongside our listed range, we can also make other required vehicles available for use. Our buses and vehicle sizes and types include:

Bus rentalBuses

  • 15-seater
  • 30-seater
  • 45-seater
  • 65-seater
  • 82-seater


  • Honda (Civic, Accord)
  • Toyota (Corolla, Camry, Yaris, Inova)
  • Nissan (Tida, Sunny)


  • ACDelco batteries
  • Platinum batteries
  • SBK batteries
  • Energizer® batteries
  • VARTA® batteries