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Seven Seater Large Family Vehicles

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Seven Seater Vehicles

It takes no extra time to make the observation that most of the vehicles in use and on the road today are 5 seater cars, designed for use by one or two individuals, or a small family. This is because ordinary travelling needs predominantly only require for that many people to move around at a time.

Regular Cars

With the way people travel as a whole, and the kind of utility they now demand from their cars or rather, vehicles, it is not just SUVs that are becoming more popular by the day. There is a new kind of vehicle on the block, with a view to making comfort, ample space, and utility a blend that can reasonably be expected from the same vehicle.

7 Seater MPVs

Car 7 seater in DubaiThis is the multi-purpose vehicle, which is a long car, designed usually with three rows of passengers in mind, with often either 5 or 7 seats, depending on the settings and adjustments.

Since the hatchbacks and the sedans are perceived usually to be catering to the same demographic, and SUVs are seen to be catering to those with ample money to spend on their cars, with a penchant for high performance driving, it is the MPV that fills the aspects that remain unfulfilled.



Jawaher 7 Seater Rental

Rental car 7 seaterAmong a number of other cars and types on offer for rent, Jawaher also makes the seven seater available for hire, giving you the all inclusive package of practicality and ease, alongside insurance, reliability and most of all, safety.

With the usual seven seater setting, and the ability to make more space in the back and increase storage, the vehicle is perfect for parents for instance, who often find themselves having children on the street carpool together, or a large family, which does most of its traveling together.

Perhaps the greatest, most compelling aspect of these vehicles is how many ingredients of practicality and purpose they combine. Compared to other vehicles this large, especially SUVs, these are very efficient with fuel, pack loads of space, not just in terms of how much overall room there is, but also in how customizable it is, they are durable and capable of handling the sturdy, rugged daily family use sort of scenario, and are fairly east to maintain.

Whichever part of Dubai you are currently situated in, Jawaher’s rented 7 seater vehicles are bound to make your family trips more interesting and adventurous, as the whole family enjoys the sights and the comfortable ride.