Jawaher Rent A Car And Vehicle Services

Buying carOwing to its vision of fulfilling the dreams of many people out there who want to be able to afford their own car, or make use of a vehicle for convenience purposes while visiting the UAE, Jawaher Rent A Car offers multiple avenues to be availed by people looking for a cost-effective and swift solution.

Our history and expertise in long-term rental through leasing agreements, and short-term rental is bound to offer a compelling and appropriate solution for those who want a solution that can rival buying a brand new car.

In terms of convenience, we offer a range of services tethered with our vehicles, that make sure the customer has as little to worry about as possible. This includes the provision of insurance for all cars, taking care of the maintenance and upkeep, and in the case of any issues with the vehicle, free of cost replacements.

Giving the highest priority to the customer also carries with itself the need for making sure the support and assistance after the sale is effective, and we even maintain our own workshop for this purpose.

Vehicles On Offer

We offer a number of regular use vehicles, covering hatchbacks and sedans to cover multiple customer needs. These include:

  • Honda (Civic, Accord)
  • Toyota (Corolla, Camry, Yaris, Inova)
  • Nissan (Tida, Sunny)

Jawaher Bus Rental

Passenger transportFor large-scale needs and a durable and reliable solution for trips on which several people travel together, Jawaher Bus Rental offers bus rental services that suit a number of needs whereby multiple or large families, or large groups are taking trips together. Since a number of seating capacity buses are available, factors that could help you choose the best option include the weather, the overall distance your trip is going to cover, the luggage and other items your group is going to carry with itself, and the facilities you want onboard the vehicle. Jawaher Bus Rental seating capacity options include:

  • 15-seater
  • 30-seater
  • 45-seater
  • 65-seater
  • 82-seater


Jawaher Passenger Transport

Buses are one of the most important components of the public transport network in a well-connected city. They provide a convenient way to travel to multiple areas of the city, and in most cities, can be quite budget-friendly, even more so than other modes.

Jawaher passenger transport by bus rental offers an easy and round the clock service to lease buses, pick-ups and even other vehicles, depending on customer needs.

Jawaher School Service

Jawaher’s latest project having to do with transport is making vehicles available for school students, for an option that guarantees safety and comfort. This is expected to give parents of students all over the Dubai a reliable and trusted way their kids get go to and come back from schools.

Tire Shop

Tire shop DubaiJawahar is now collabrated with top-most tire company in UAE name as tyre. They are providing tire brands as below:

  • Bridgestone tyres
  • Dunlop tyres
  • Firestone tyres
  • Lanvigator tyres
  • Michelin tyres