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34 Seater

On long trips that are a matter of a spur of the moment, or where several things are changed or decided last minute, one may not have an exact idea of how many people there will be on a certain trip. In this case, the priority will obviously be to make sure there is enough space just in case, and not just for the passengers, but also things like luggage, food supplies, and fuel.

34 Seaters

A 34 seater coach provides the perfect combination of features and seating capacity for all plans that are finalized during the final moments, Even if you arrive on a round number regarding the number of passengers, there will always be the extra cabin space without too big an extra cost.

The 34 Seater variety is often referred to as the luxury coach, because of its spacious interior, number of luxury features that provide a relaxing travel time, and economical nature of use.


Rent 34 seater carThere is enough space for the bus to easily accommodate in full-fledged seating, 34 people alongside a driver. The seating is designed to be ergonomic, as in, it will provide comfort and avid back support. The seats have tall backs, each with an individual seat belt and the ability to alter the angle for reclining.

The easy seating arrangement of two by two throughout the cabin makes sure passengers are not irritated by people on the window seat trying to get out and into their places again and again. The two people on each side mechanism makes sure there is enough space for a passenger to move about, without waking or disturbing another passenger. Each seat also comes with comfortable armrests for a relaxed upright sleep.

Powerful air conditioning that resonates throughout the whole cabin, and a luxury interior boosts chances of everyone enjoying a super-comfortable journey.

There are a number of other amazing features to ensure household amenities are not missed while on the road. The fridge and the toilet that have been provided in the cabin will play a role in eliminating the need for repeated stops, especially when there are so many people on the trip.

Airplane Comfort And Experience

Rental 34 seater carThe 34 seater luxury coach rental can also come with certain novel features, making the travelling by coach experience a lot like advanced high-speed trains or airplane flights. The airtight windows make sure there is as little noise from the outside entering the cabin as possible. An announcement system from the front of the cabin makes it easier for everyone to remain on the same page, especially when the crowd needs to be supervised.

All seats can also be stocked with monitors so long trips are never boring, especially given that traveling by road takes much longer than air or train.