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Jawaher 15 Seater Bus

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Jawaher 15 Seater Bus

Rental 15 seater carThere are obviously a number of needs cars, even the big ones, cannot cater to. Even when moving to SUVs, there are a number of issues regarding convenience that need to be sorted. Given this, if one seeks a vehicle that can easily accommodate more than one family for example, a bus might be the best way to go.

Even though SUVs are large vehicles that can seat more people than a regular car, there are a number of challenges. The seating capacity for example, has the ability to increase but not at the expense of storage space. Even when this is done, capacity increases to 7 or 8 people at the most. This is in addition to the big engines and high fuel consumption costs of SUVs, which are exorbitant compared to medium-sized buses.

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Jawaher 15 Seaters

Jawaher offers a convenient renting solution for those looking for a spacious but compact vehicle that will easily cater to groups larger than one family. Whether two families decide to take a trip together, or a medium sized group of friends wants to go on a journey, our 15-seater buses will provide a comfortable alternative with a smooth drive and an amazing landscape viewing experience.

Secondly, it hardly makes sense for one to buy an SUV since most of these high capacity needs are rare anyway. Jawaher offers a 15-seater bus in white color, and 2015 model, which is bound to please you as a renter looking for the latest features.

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15 Seater Bus Features

Alongside the most basic concerns taken care of, such as ample seating space for everyone in the bus to be comfortable for the duration of the trip, good fuel economy despite high capacity needs, and durability throughout all forms of use, there is a range of other features that makes the 15 seater perfect for journeys long and short.

The interior of the buses provides the best possible combination of comfort and space for all passengers. One of the biggest issues in buses is the noise from the outside, which fortunately, owing to the vehicle’s especially designed body, is filtered out as much as possible.

Unlike the stuffy and exhausting experience in airplane seats, the 15 seater gives everyone enough space for the legs, ensuring a comfortable and les exhausting long ride.

The buses also come with the ability to adjust the seating for a more relaxing journey, and the option to recline them backwards.