Bus Rental Services And Seating Capacities

Rent bus in DubaiBesides the need for rented cars and small vehicles for use by tourists or individuals within the city for economic reasons and others, there are obviously going to be times where there is a need for a larger vehicle, owing to different kinds of needs.

Renting a large vehicle comes with a different set of difficulties though. For one, if an individual seeks to rent a bus, chances are he or she would not be skilled with driving a large bus, and would have to go through the trouble of reaching out to a driver as well.

Secondly there may be certain legal and policy intricacies that would have to be dealt with, which most people, especially tourists, would not be familiar with. Along with this, there may be quality checks, insurance, safety, driver’s reliability and other basic issues that will need to be resolved.

Jawaher Bus Rental Services seek to do away with this issue. We offer people the chance to avail our buses, which come in a range of different capacities, with all of the legal and reliability aspects taken care of. All of our buses comply with local rules and requirements.

Need For Bus Rentals

Rent tourism busIn direct comparison to cars, especially when there is a large affiliated group travelling, it is obviously much more practical to make use of one large vehicle than each family or small group hiring a car of their own. It saves time and in most cases, even money. The instances where you may need a service that offers reliable bus rentals include:

  • A number of families have decided to take a trip together, and of course this can be nationals or tourists who want to see sights together or visit places together.
  • Student groups from local or foreign schools or universities coming to Dubai for an academic or leisure trip. In these cases, there are few teachers and supervisors compared to students, and it is paramount that everyone stays together and their attendance is taken.
  • A company organizing a vacation for its employees where it is unfeasible to arrange cars for the many members
  • Many people who want to take a leisure trip from one part of the UAE, to another, or tourists or visitors from a state that shares a border with the UAE.

Buses Available

Rental bus agencyJawaher bus rental options will allow you not only the chance to choose the types of facilities you want on board, but also gives you a range of seating capacities, so you are paying for exactly what you need. The bus seating capacities are:

  • 15-seater
  • 30-seater
  • 45-seater
  • 65-seater
  • 82-seater