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Jawaher 49 Seater Bus

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Jawaher 49 Seater Bus

There are a number of extraordinary needs that may not be best served by the small and medium sized coaches. For special events where several families are travelling together, or trips that take an entire batch of students on road trips, or for certain political events, the seating capacity needs to be substantially increased, without compromising on the quality and smooth nature of the journey.

49 Seater

Car rental 49 seaterThe 49-seater buses best serve this need. This size is roughly the same as the buses you see being operated by local and city authorities of the main routes, in cities where the public transport system is highly sophisticated.

They are bound to provide maximum utility to users who are flexible with their budgets, and their first priority is securing as much space as possible, along with numerous facilities onboard.

Not only will this vehicle serve the needs of those who are travelling in large numbers, but may also be the best option for those willing to spend a little more for double the space per person, perhaps so that sleeping on board is more comfortable.

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The seating layout on the buses is as close to airplane space and configuration as possible. Most layouts feature a long cabin with two seats on each side, with a reclining option for maximum back comfort. In most cases this provides a better long duration experience than a flight, because there is plenty of storage space for the luggage, which need no longer be put under the seats.

The windows are usually double glazed, which helps not only keep the noise out, but also provides extra rigidity against external impacts.

Rent car 49 seaterThe climate control feature often made part of certain high-tech cars is also present; to make sure it is neither to cold or too hot for the passengers.

All the seats have a foldable small table like the one on planes, so serving and consuming food on board becomes a lot easier. Within the food and drinks segment, there is also the facility for drinks to be kept hot and cold, negating the need for passengers to bring too many flasks or stopping for coffee and soft drinks on the way.

Within the vehicle on the underside, there is a huge compartment for several large travelling suitcases and luggage to be stored safely. Just like the interior storage in an airplane, there are overhead compartments for also keeping small bags, purses and backpacks carrying the essentials that come into regular use.