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Jawaher 30 Seater Bus

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Jawaher 30 Seater Bus

Car 30 seater rentalEvery so often, the need arises for a large vehicle for our travelling plans that involve a number of requirements warranting the use of a single vehicle. This could be so that a big group can go from one city to another, or visit a neighboring country but crossing the border, or because one small group has to pick up a number of people visiting for an event.

In these situations, it makes very little practical sense to travel by plane. Not only will the fares be high, payments have to be made per person, while for a large bus, all of needs to do is pay for the rent, the driver, and the fuel. On the other hand, making use of several regular cars is also bound to be expensive, require several drivers, and drive the fuel costs significantly higher.

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Jawaher 30 Seater Bus

If you need a big bus that can carry about 30 people while also maximizing the odds of a smooth journey, Jawaher can help you.

Our 30-seater bus is white and comes in a 2015 model, stocked with a number of features that are certain to cater to every passenger’s needs, regardless of whether you’re travelling long distances like city-to-city, or taking multiple small trips within the city itself. The space and comfort will make sure you only get tired at the end of the day, when you’ve exerted yourself in activities you had planned.

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30 Seater Bus Special Features

The bus has been designed taking into account several key aspects of what is needed inside the passenger cabin. The pick up door of the vehicle is placed so as to ensure the safe passage of people in and out of the bus. The design of the interior and the seating make sure all the passengers can easily communicate with one another. This also makes sure the person driving the vehicle remains fully aware of when entries and exits are being made from the vehicle, to maximize the safety factor.

The gray tint on the windows helps make sure harmful rays of the sun do not enter the cabin, and facilitate sleep on long journeys, delivering a cooled cabin with as little sun as possible. The tint also helps to keep heat out.

Another accomplishment for the safety credentials of the vehicle is the illuminated climbing path on the entrance, which will ensure falls and risky entrance is avoided, especially in the dark.