5 reasons why renting a yacht is better than buying the same

Private Yacht Charter Dubai Marina There were days, when people preferred to buy Yachts and flaunt the same as a status symbol. However, today things have changed and one can rent a yacht without being in a fix of arranging huge amount of down payments or being under the burden of loan or EMIs. There are numerous reasons why renting a boat has emerged as a new business opportunity for people who have liquidity of cash, while for the receiver it definitely plies a chance to explore which was beyond imagination to board a private yacht without being financially exhausted. This has become a topic of discussion off late whether it’s wise to rent a Yacht, rather than buying it. Lets discuss few of the points which can definitely help you reach to a conclusion of what could be an ideal option for you;

No upfront cost is an advantage for people who rent Yachts;

Cost is the prime reason which influences our decisions. Renting a private Yacht Charter Dubai Marina means having all the benefits at a cost which sounds negligible to all those who consider traveling as their first passion.

Change as per your need;

In comparison to a yacht bought for you, it is always a better idea to rent since you can change it according to the mood, occasion and the money available with you. True! Isn’t it? What will you do on a big Yacht on a lovely romantic date? However, you can alter the choice and can enjoy different experiences without being hauled for prices.

No Depreciation Guilt Whatsoever?

Seven YachtsA private Yacht can cost you anywhere between 10 million to 20 million USD , however the cost of renting is far less, along with that the fees to rent the yacht includes everything such as maintenance cost, peripherals cost and the staff too, however when you own a Yacht, you need to make sure that a proper check is kept on the yacht else the depreciation of Yacht turns 10 times faster than that of a car.

A thorough source of experiencing ownership of Yacht;

People who enjoy traveling in waters, are amongst the first few who decide to buy a yacht way before they can understand the challenges which accompany a Yacht/Boat Ownership. When you rent a Yacht, you can experience the challenges which you need to face in the long-run along with the various requirement to maintain the health of your boat so that your every experience remains as good as the first one. Renting a Yacht can be the practicing front for novice Boat owners, and they can learn as they travel across in the rented Yacht and can decide themselves on the basis of real experience they undertake.

In short, we can come to this conclusion that if you are passionate about boats and yachts, it is always better to rent it rather than own it, since the latter can bring in challenges which you may have to face without being known to the consequences. Travel hassle free only with Private Yacht Charter Dubai Marina from Seven Yachts and enjoy heavenly experience packed with only leisure.

Source: www.sevenyachts.ae