A Rental Car Road Trip Guide: Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is a thrilling experience and quite the popular activity amongst tourists. A rental car is probably you best touch for cheap car hire Abu Dhabi but there are definitely a few important factors to consider when renting a vehicle to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. It is no secret that you get to experience the best road trips in the UAE. And the trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is no exception! Hiring a vehicle for your trip is not only easy but gives you the convenience of having an all-inclusive package from insurance cover to accidental repair cover. Get in touch with your nearest car rental company to discuss your car rental options!

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Mileage Allowance

It is advisable to calculate your traveling distance and compare that to the mileage allowance on your car rental. Keep in mind that should it exceed the daily limit; you will incur additional costs. Discuss the terms and conditions of your car rental agreement with your agent to ensure you understand what extra costs can be incurred. Dubai offers affordable car rental agents that enables you to enjoy your trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in comfort and style but without breaking the bank.

Chauffer Service

The road trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is roughly around two hours. If you are keen on spending your time sightseeing perhaps a car rental with a chauffeur might be a good option for you. This might be the best possible option for tourists who do not have qualifying documents to hire a car. The driver will be responsible for any agreements, fines or any other related matters to the rental of the car. Additionally, nervous drivers might find this to be an attractive alternative to driving through the UAE for the first time.

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Don’t Be A Victim to The VAT Scam

Dubai has a list of reputable car rental companies but as with everything else, scams are a reality. Before settling your bill with a respective car rental company, ensure that you request their VAT number to verify whether or not they are registered. Some companies might charge VAT when they are in fact not registered. Safeguard yourself and your wallet from this by doing a little bit of extra legwork when renting a vehicle in Dubai.

Have A Checklist Ready

The most important thing is that you enjoy your road trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and planning ahead will help you do exactly that. When traveling through the UAE ensure you have all valid traveling documents, especially if you are planning on renting a vehicle. But as you are planning a road trip, you probably have a few things that you should remember to take with you on the trip. That’s why - remember to tick your checklists before leaving on your trip.