Most Renewable Energy Water Heaters in Dubai

The best type of water heater is one that meets your needs without costing you too much money. Water heaters are an expensive purchase in general, but many people forget about the costs it takes to run the water heater on a daily basis. This amount can add up quickly, so it is best to find an option that uses sustainable energy in order to lower your running costs. The main types of water heaters use either power from the sun to heat the water, or they use a heat pump to heat the water. Some water heaters may seem like a good idea because they are cheaper to purchase upfront but once the running costs are factored in running it could end up costing a lot more than one of the more expensive units. This is a factor you need to consider before you make your purchase. There are many different renewable energy water heaters in Dubai that were all designed to provide a certain function and use energy in the most efficient manner possible.

Renewable Energy Water Heaters in Dubai

The Calypso VM

Mounted on any wall this unit is a great space saver. This model was designed to replace the electronic water heater because it is more durable and more energy efficient. During testing the Calypso VM saved up to 75% on your energy bill and is compatible with photovoltaic panels which allows you to benefit from solar power that is harnessed from the sun.

The Solerio Optimum 3 Indoor Solar Tank

this system is compatible with multiple energy sources which makes it very cost-efficient and easy to run. It uses forced circulation to reduce energy consumption. The water tank is coated in ACI anti-corrosion technology that keeps the tank from corroding while the anti-frost mode allows you to pause the production of hot water. This feature is great for when you go on holiday or plan on not using the system for a while.

Renewable Energy Water Heaters in UAE

Sustainable Heating Solution

This is an outdoor heating system has a large range of settings to meet just about any requirements that you may have. It can be used with any type of quality water and in arrears where there is a lot of frost and snow around. The system was designed to be an independent solar solution for a family of up to 7 people. To provide extra protection the system has a double jacket heat exchanger that provides protection while conserving energy.

The Egeo

Save up to 65% in energy costs when you purchase the Egeo. This system is the perfect compromise between using sustainable energy and optimal efficiency. The system is whisper quiet and delivers hot water very quickly.