The Do’s and Don’ts of Eating Sushi

At a sushi restaurant, there are some common changes that you will not experience at western establishments. Sushi restaurants like Ucci sushi follow and celebrate their rich Japanese culture and tradition and you should be respectful towards it. Here are some do’s and don’ts you should know about. 


Do’s - Wash your hands. Most restaurants supply a hot towel for this. Ask the waiter or your friend which items are eaten by the hand or chopsticks in advance. Maki and nigiri is eaten with your hands. 

Don’t - do not eat rice with your hands. Don’t cut up your sushi into small pieces. It is supposed to be eaten as one whole bite.

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Do’s - Remember that some sushi like sashimi and Chirashi are only handled with chopsticks. If you don’t know how to use chopsticks, restaurants usually can give you a set of training sticks that are stuck from the top and easier to use. If you are provided with a normal set of chopsticks, you can tie a rubber band at the end to make them easier to handle. 

Don’t - Never rub your set of chopsticks together. It is considered rude behavior. 


Do’s - You should try new items and recommendations with your usual sushi choice. Share your sushi choice with your friends by all means. 

Don’t - don’t ever ask them for a takeaway or a doggie bag. Sushi is supposed to be eaten immediately after it’s preparation. Doggie bag will just make it worse.

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Do’s - Three main sauces that go with sushi are: soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger. Be careful of wasabi as it is a very spicy sauce. Always use it sparingly in your dish. The chef adds wasabi to your dish. Pickled ginger is eaten to cleanse your palate between sushi dishes and bites. So, taste it after finishing a dish not with a dish. 

Don’t - Don’t pour too much soy sauce. It ruins the taste and it is rude to pour and not consume the soy sauce. When you are eating Nigiri don’t add anything to it because the chef has already added the condiments necessary. 

Eating Your Sushi

Do’s - Sushi is a very flavorful dish so to capture all of the flavors chew slowly. A good tip to follow when eating sushi is that you must always consume sushi from lighter to darker color. So, you eat the white fish first and keep the red fish for later. This means that you are going from leaner fish to fattier ones. 

Don’t - do not linger after you are done eating your meal. 

Hope you love your sushi experience!